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Welcome to RespiSafe

In many industries the workplace can be a hazardous environment, in such situations safety is of the utmost importance. Here at RespiSafe we are dedicated to providing the best safety solutions catered to your business. With over 30 years experience in the safety sector we are confident we can help your business achieve the highest level of safety. Our services include:

The Sale of Safety Products

We are respected resellers of the best quality safety products from leading manufacturers such as Scott Safety, MSA, Moldex and Kappler and ensure you are equipped with the most suitable and reliable safety equipment.

Providing Safety Training

Our training courses are constantly updated to incorporate the latest safety regulations to ensure the most relevant, professional & informative information is delivered. Our training packages are tailored to meet with your specific site requirements and are delivered by our fully qualified and experienced tutors. Whether it is fire, chemical, respiratory, working at heights or in a confined space, our aim is to ensure that your staff are aware of dangers and have full knowledge of how to use their Safety Equipment correctly to reduce the risk of accidents or injury.

Servicing Safety Equipment

Our servicing is carried out to the highest standard by fully qualified engineers, we offer a number of services including:

  • Air Purity Analysis Testing to BS EN 12021
  • Face Fit Testing to HSE 282/28
  • Gas Detection and Calibration
  • Respiratory Equipment Servicing
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Chemical Gas Tight Suit Pressure Testing to BS EN 464
  • Mask Leakage Testing

Any training or servicing can be performed onsite to minimise downtime of staff and essential emergency equipment. We also have the facilities to incorporate training and maintenance at our fully equipped workshop and test centre.

For further information please download and read our brochure or get in touch to see how we could help?