Safety Products

If your workplace is a hazardous environment, it is important that the employer/site manager fully understand the dangers posed by their surroundings to better provide safety equipment to keep the employees safe and protected, here at RespiSafe we pride ourselves on having a high standard of knowledge regarding each of our safety products so that we can give our customers the best advise based on their individual needs.

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Gas Detection

Due to the high quality and reliability of their gas detectors we supply MSA fixed and portable gas detectors. We have a wide range of gas detectors to try and protect against as many toxic gases as possible.

Chemical Suits

Working with chemicals can be one of the most dangerous jobs, workers have to protect themselves against the risk of exposing themselves to chemicals which can be detrimental.

Breathing Apparatus

The majority of our breathing apparatus are manufactured by Scott Safety based their global reputation and also our own experience of their products, We provide Air purifying masks, ELSA Escape Sets, and self contained breathing apparatus mainly from the Scott Safety ProPak range for the fire service or Oil and gas workers.

Height Safety Equipment

The safety measures that need to be taken when working at height can be improved upon by investing in quality safety harness equipment.