New AVIVA Half-Mask Respirator

The new AVIVA is the latest innovative half mask from Scott Safety, a world leader in the design and manufacture of respirators and personal protective equipment. Ensuring workers’ wellbeing is priority, its low-profile head harness offers greater stability and compatibility with safety helmets and eye protection, workers will relish the comfort that comes from the AVIVA half mask.

New Aviva safety half maskThe cutting-edge half mask, which is silicone-free but designed with silicone-like comfort, features novel design elements. AVIVA offers a hybrid reflex seal which allows the wearer added movement and flexibility, a positive fit check button that is built into the device guaranteeing a secure fit of the half mask.


Enhanced voice intelligibility enables the wearer to be clearly heard by those around ensuring clear lines of communication. The AVIVA half mask is available for use with a wide range of filters permitting use of the device in a variety of applications and industrial situations such as asbestos removal, manufacturing, welding and pharmaceuticals.

Last year, around 33,000 workers suffered breathing or lung problems thought to be caused or made worse by their working environments . One of the industry’s biggest issues is badly fitted, uncomfortable equipment, discouraging workers to use their kit correctly.  The introduction of this easy-to-use mask provides complete respiratory protection, low breathing resistance and increased comfort and fit. The AVIVA half mask is available in small, medium and large sizes and a variety of packaging types including readypak options for specific applications, some of which have the advantage of permitting the user to regularly store the half mask, keeping it clean and correctly formed for optimum fit.

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