MSA Workman Winch & Tripod Set

MSA Workman Winch & Tripod Set

MSA Workman Winch

The rugged MSA Workman Winch has been designed for lifting, lowering, and positioning ofpersonnel and materials. Furthermore it allows for non-entry rescue of a confined space entrant.Tripod pin connection fits directly onto the MSA Workman Tripod

  • No additional bracket or tools for set-up required
  • Level wind mechanism keeps cable evenly spooled on hub
  • Built-in clutch prevents injury if worker becomes snagged
  • Double braking system provides secondary protection
  • Built-in energy absorber keeps forces below 6 kN
  • RFID chip allows easy tracking of the device
  • Integral, ergonomic carrying grip and unique, foldable handle for simple storage•Certified to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, testing based on EN ISO 12100:2010, •EN 1496:2006 Class B

MSA Workman Tripod

  • Legs automatically lock in the open position for added safety
  • A maximum height indicator provides quick and easy identification of the maximum leg extension length.
  • No need for a separate pulley/bracket assembly, which makes hoist attach ment easier and faster Accessories can attach to any leg for faster set up•
  • luminium leg and head design reduces weight
  • Telescoping legs (up to 2.45 m high) do not tangle when the unit is collapsed
  • Certified to EN 795: 2012

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