Confined Space Training

A Confined Space is defined in the regulations as any space, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk.

Confined Spaces can be fatal, and in 1997 the Confined Space Regulations were introduced to control industry. 

Many people are killed or seriously injured in Confined Spaces every year in the UK, including those who try to rescue others without sufficient equipment or training.

The aim of the course is to make you aware of the procedures; to ensure a safe access and egress from a Confined Space and to have emergency procedures in place in the event of an emergency situation arising whilst operators are in the Confined Space.

Our Confined Space Courses can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and cover Low, Medium or High Risk situations.

This course includes all relevant legislation and practical and theoretical training in line with the Confined Space Regulations 1997. 

All training equipment, manuals, assessments and certification are supplied by RespiSafe for each course carried out.