Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

This programme is designed for employees who may be required, as part of their working practice, to use Respiratory Protection and where this can only be met by wearing a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus set. We will provide an understanding in the safe use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), together with BA control procedures, so that they will have an understanding of all aspects.

They will be trained on the correct procedure for donning the apparatus and entering a hazardous environment to carry out a specific task. We will cover safe working practices and search and rescue procedures to allow effective operation in an irrespirable atmosphere.

At the conclusion of this course, delegates will be able to select, don and operate SCBA equipment; and conduct search and rescue procedures safely.

Employers are required by law to ensure that suitable training for the use of SCBA is provided before first use to all existing and new personnel. Refresher training should be provided at suitable intervals.